Miami, TCT 2012 Meeting



First Left Main Coronary Artery Total Occlusion Angioplasty was done in 2012, in the world. This case was presented at the TCT2012 World Conference in Miami, Florida. It was the most appreciated angioplasty in that time period and paved the way for left main coronary artery interventions.”

World first Retrograde Angioplasty in Washington DC

Retrograde Left Common Carotid Angioplasty done on 2019, its first ever carotid angioplasty in medical history.

"Landmark Interventions have been published in international conferences."

  1. July 18th 2011 case of Primary PTCA in renal failure
  2. Feb 22nd case of IWMI with heavy thrombus.
  3. Jan 24th 2011 complex LCX PTCA
  4. Dec 13th 2010 High risk PTCA in 88 yrs old lady with Pulmonary edema
  5. Oct 24th 2011 No flow with all intracoronary drugs
  6. TCT2012,Miami, Florida selected my best interventional case in LM PTCA
  7. Primary PTCA in IWMI with severe thrombocytopenia and nose and gums bleeding patient.
  8. Bifurcation stent in super dominant LCX in a patient with Papillary Muscle rupture and LV aneurysm.
  9. CTO of LAD ostium and Super dominant RCA stenting in one sitting in a patient with crescendo
  10. CRT2016, Left main dissection in ACS
  11. Crashed in a minute on table after CAG in STEMI 2017 CRT
  12. CRT2018, Missed Left Main lesion by angiogram and caught by IVUS
  13. CRT2018, Ivabradine and Eplerenone in HFrEF patients study
  14. Barcelona, Cardiologists 2018, NG Everolimus and NG Sirolimus stents in CKD patients, 3 Years follow up study. First in CKD patient’s research
  15. Cerebral protection during TAVR significantly reduces acute and late stroke in Aortic Stenosis at Rome, 2019 cardiologists’ conference
  16. First time IVUS used to detect latent coronary lesion. 2019 cardiologist’s conference, Rome, 2019
  17. First ever performed retrograde left common carotid angioplasty in Takayasu Arteritis, in CRT2020, Washington DC
  18. In Acute Right Ventricular MI with Severe RV failure, TPI guided PCI is   improving right ventricular function quickly

Best shots from Media limelight

Dr AM Thirugnanam
Best Cardiologist
Dr AM Thirugnanam's Presentation
Dr AM Thirugnanam- Best Cardiologist in the World