Dr A M Thirugnanam, has posted the slides which have been presented at the national and international conferences for the viewers and doctors to understand and learn advancement in cardio-vascular medicines. 

TCT, ACC, CRT, AHA and ESC Meeting

Advanced Hypertension Management from benign to malignant stages, including diagnosis and Management

Sudden Cardiac Arrest in a Patient with Acute Coronary Syndrome, caused by Myocardial Apoptosis.

51 years old man with crescendo angina for 24 hours with severe LV dysfunction.

Anomalous Left Main in ACS with Multi Vessels Disease, stented LAD under FFR guidance.

Catheter broken during Right Radial engagement as We had performed Left Main Distal PTCA.

Complications and Outcomes in Primary PTCA patients with multiple co morbidities.

Cerebral Protection Device in TAVR prevents  98% acute and late stroke.

Role of Echocardiography in day to day Cardiology Practice.

Crashed in a minute, a patient with ACS, Window Period more than 10 days.

Dabigatron’s role beyond non valvular atrial fibrillation and deep vein thrombosis.

Emerging Trends in the Management of ST Elevations Myocardial Infarction.

Hypertension- Management from primary to secondary level diagnosis and care.

Intravascular Ultra Sound- without this it was difficult to identify Left Main Ostial lesion in reccurrent angina.

Revisiting the role Losartan Potassium, an old Angiotensin Receptor Blocker in current practice.

Management of Chronic Stable Angina in current practice with guidelines.

Papillary Muscle Rupture in Infero-lateral Myocardial Infarction with one week window period.

Type 1 and 5 Takayasu Arteritis in a young lady with sub total occlusion of left common carotid artery.

Angioplasty for Severe Descending Aortic Stenosis of Takayasu Arteritis in a young girl.

Echocardiography Course Basic Level for all doctors

Echocardiography Basic Course on Congenital Heart Diseases

Echocardiography Course Basic level for various specialty doctors

Advanced Lipid Management in recurrent Coronary Artery Disease